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I’ve spent the last 10+ years as a self-development junkie. During my time in seminars, courses, retreats, internet rabbit holes or my nose deep in a book I’ve come across countless strategies to optimize my self, my relationships, my life.

Some require slow consistent effort over a long span of time.

Others asked me to go back, way back, in my life to find the root cause of my “issues”.

Today I want to share one with you that I started years ago with hardly any effort at all, and it’s been one of the most impactful.

Upon waking, I announce out loud to the world (and by proximity the other inhabitants of the room which include my lovely partner, a dog that resembles a bear and a very enthusiastic border collie who is likely in my face by now),

Today is going to be a really great day!

It is my way of deciding what kind of day I’m going to have. It may sound like a silly thing to declare in the darkness, but once I got over that feeling of “being foolish”, I found that it is actually a very empowering way to begin the day.

It is beneficial for several reasons:

  • The silly feeling reminds me to not take life (or myself) too seriously.
  • It announces to the Universe the type of day I’m expecting.
  • It puts emphasis on my perspective, which really defines my reality.
  • It alerts my brain of what to be looking out for that day.
  • It’s fun (and who couldn’t use more fun in their day?).

Some days I shout it enthusiastically with a fist of victory shooting into the air.

Some days I whisper it at the level of the heart.

Some days I forget to say it before getting out of bed and am grateful for a sticky note on my front door that assures me today is going to be a really great day!

I highly encourage you to experiment with some phrases that feel natural to you. Then pick one that will set your day on a positive, powerful course. We all deserve today to be a really great day 😀

Do you have a phrase that works great for you? Share it with us here in the comments!

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