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I’ve always been a little obsessed with finding and fulfilling my purpose. It has driven me to feel rather mad at times and has certainly annoyed those close to me.

I’ve tried all of the different methods out there. I’ve even hired people to help me figure out what it is. Sure, I came up with lots of answers that looked good on paper, but I still felt like something was missing.

Recently I prayed – one of those prayers that comes from bone deep when the rest of you feels broken. I begged Source,

Why am I here?
What do you want from me?
Whatever it is I’ll do it.
Please just show me my path!

Inside I heard a quiet, firm voice. All it said was “Look down.”

I had spent so much of my life looking around me for my path that it never occurred to check right under my feet! Truth is, I have always been the path of my purpose; it just didn’t come with the fireworks and triumphant horn section I had anticipated. I always thought of finding my purpose as some search for the holy grail that would be celebrated victoriously once I got there.

I think this classic joke sums it up best:

This morning an old fish swam by a couple of youngsters. He called out to them, “How’s the water this morning, boys?” Confused, the young fish responded, “What’s water?”

Purpose is so hard to find because it surrounds us; it’s woven right into our DNA. How do you find something that is already there???

I will share with you how I did it, but first let me tell you the secret I discovered along the way.

Your purpose is tied to your being not your doing.

Now, it does show up in and through your doing, but purpose lives in your being. To put it another way, you don’t walk down the path of your purpose; you are the path.

Can you dig it?

Here’s the good news, whatever purpose you’re here to bring is SIMPLE. In fact, it is so simple that once you realize it, you will laugh at how obvious it is. It’s like when you’re looking for your glasses while they’re on the top of your head!

After reading all those books, doing all those exercises and working with experts, I recently approached this in a way that seems to have gotten to the core of it. I always thought of my purpose with an eye to the future, but the trick is to look to the past and honor the present.

The question isn’t “What am I here to do?” It’s “What have I been doing since I’ve been here?”

Through this lens, I looked back at my life to explore what has always been present as far back as I can remember. I contemplated all those little parts of me that got buried at times but never really left. I questioned, What has always been true in me throughout my life no matter what? There I discovered my purpose, and yes, I laughed at how obvious it was 😉

The thing about the truth is, it never changes. It is within that unchanging truth in you that your unique purpose will be revealed.

You don’t have to find your purpose. You merely have to open your eyes and look at what is already there – what has always been there. It may sound too simple, but remember the secret; it is simple! Don’t make the mistake of complicating it.

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