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Well, this is a story a long time in coming. Aphrodite’s Well is an idea I had several years ago – maybe about 6-8 years ago for an online community of women. The idea was that I would offer coaching and talk about spiritual and practical things. But the idea kept getting bigger and, therefore, more overwhelming to me!

And so it sat.

And sat

I did purchase the url for it somewhere in there – and then it sat some more.

Finally, this past year, I had some health issues due to overwork and lack of self-care and then in the summer something similar occurred with someone very close to me. It nudged me into thinking the time was now.

I still wasn’t sure what to do, so I hired a coach. I was urged to just take a small step (I think the idea of creating a website and a large community, etc. was too much) – so, I created the Facebook page. You can “Like” it here if you want:

I reposted two posts I liked from other pages and then…

it sat and it sat, until….I met an amazing women who had a dream that fit so synergistically with mine, we knew we needed to make something happen. That was only a few short weeks ago, and wow! Now things are happening.

It’s still in early stage – the website is half up (as you can see), but there are a few more posts on the Facebook group – a mailing list of people who are curious about what will happen next with us – Join by clicking “Sign Up” on the Facebook page – and a retreat being planned for the spring!

Wow the power that is created when two r more people come together! Hope you join us on this ride!!!

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