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Yesterday we talked about a few ways we can shine brightly as our true selves. One of the suggestions was to include people in your day who inspire you, those who fuel that fire in your belly.

Today I want to share someone with you who has played that role in my life. Her name is Kelly. She is my mama, and at 5’3 she stands taller than any hero I’ve ever known.

I know it’s common for daughters to have a special connection with their moms, and the one my mom and I share spans many lifetimes. I have memories (those non-memories that are more feelings than visions) of us as allies in the Senate of Ancient Rome, brothers in arms on the battlefield and young sisters under the protection of a strong mother. When traveling together we’ve both been pinged simultaneously by that strange wave that moves through you when you know you’ve been somewhere before but not as you today.

With such a long history together, it’s no wonder we often pick up the phone at the same time to call each other, discover while chatting that we’re in the middle of making the exact same dessert and have oddly paralleled lives though we live in different locations (not to mention our ages).

This connection has made all the difference in my life. I know my mom has my back no matter what, and she’s proven that time and time again as I’ve wandered into some pretty dark places in my 3+ decades here as Jace. I never doubt whether I can trust her or rely on her. She is always willing to lovingly listen and offer sage advice (when asked for).

One of the best things about my mom is her willingness to let me fall right on my face. Yeah, I get how weird (and maybe messed up…?) that sounds; however, it’s been crucial for me to walk my own path and discover my own self. I wouldn’t be as strong or compassionate as I am today if she had guarded me every step of the way.

Most importantly, she has always made it very clear that I am lovable, worth loving and loved.

Trust me, it took a LOOOOONG time for me to agree with her, but I know now that she was right (as she so often is). The unconditional love I experience from her was the one exception I needed to prove that it is possible – in a world that can sometimes seem unfair and unforgiving.

Unconditional love is possible.

Perhaps you didn’t have someone like my mom in your life while you were growing up. Maybe you don’t have someone like her in your life now. I wonder though, could YOU be this someone in somebody else’s life?

If you had/have someone like my mama in your life, I’d love to hear about her/him in the comments below. OR if you are this someone for somebody in your life, I’d love to hear about it!

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