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There are all sorts of odd traditions tied to holidays. Halloween was once known for catching ghosts, ghouls and guys…?

Yep, back in the day, girls participated in all sorts of strange activities that were said to reveal their future husband or directly manifest him*. For some reason, many of these rituals included food. I guess the saying about the stomach and love is worth chewing on…

– In Ireland of old, matchmaking cooks hid rings in their mashed potatoes to bring luck to one hopeful bride each Halloween.

– In Scotland girls threw hazelnuts into the fire, each named for a potential suitor with the hopes the final one remaining being an indicator of the future groom.

– Elsewhere, women would eat certain concoctions before bed on October 31st with the belief that it would make them dream about their future husband.

– Bobbing for apples was a competitive way to see who would be hearing those church bells next.

– Apple skins were also used to predict husbands. Girls would throw them over their shoulders hoping they’d land in the shape of the initials of their beloved.

– Egg yokes in water were also consulted for insight into a husband-to-be.

These activities may sound pretty strange, but look at Halloween today…

Nowadays Americans spend six billion dollars on Halloween, eat candy from strangers and women are often seen dressed as naughty nuns and sexy bubble bees.

To each their own, I always say.

Just make sure that this Halloween you are honoring the amazing woman you are in whatever way feels right for you!

*Learn more about the origin of Halloween and how it’s transformed over the years:

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