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Fall is in the air! Even though, here in Texas we are still in the mid 90s temperature-wise, the signs of fall are still around us.

For one, it is only in the mid 90s – instead of the triple digit temperatures we’ve been having

Second, everyone is putting up their Halloween decorations – I LOVE Halloween!

And, third, Aphrodite’s Well is in the ramp-up stage and gaining traction! This is the time of year, that is like a fresh start in many ways – much like the start of the new year of school, the changing colors of the leaves bring a time of beginning to go within.

Like the trees, we let go of the things that no longer serve us and we begin to germinate the things that will blossom in the next year. We here at the Well are planning and strategizing and planting seeds, so that in the spring we will have a vibrant young community that anyone, but especially women will want to be a part of.

Hope you join us on this adventure!!!

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