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Today I am thinking about how things are constantly changing. Sometimes it is subtle, and you don’t even realize how much things have changed until you look back.

Sometimes they change quickly – in the blink of an eye.

Seven years ago today I got a call about 5 in the morning from my daughter who had gone into labor. I met them at the Austin Birthing Center and that night my grandson was born. Just like that, I became a Mimi.

At the time I was working as a technical writer for the VA, and starting my graphic recording business. The idea of Aphrodite’s Well was a still a distant dream in the form of a purchased url.

Now, it is taking form and growing on a daily basis – exponentially. Seven years from now, I see it as a full-fledged global community making huge changes in masculine/feminine healing and the economy.

And my little buddy will be a young man of 14 years!!!

Time flies!

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