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Hello, my lovelies!!! Welcome to Aphrodite’s Well. “The Well” as we affectionately like to call it is (currently) an online space where women can gather for nourishment, inspiration and wisdom. This is a place, much like the old village wells (you know, from “back in the day” where the women would come to replenish their water supply, but also to connect with other women. This was a time where they could share stories and advice and camaraderie.

This is a place of “no Judgment” where all races, religions/spiritual belief systems, ages, etc., are welcome. There are no “Experts” at the well because we are all Experts of our own experiences and selves. All of the wisdom we need is within us – we just sometimes need some external triggers to remind us of who we are – divine embodiment – our True Selves.

So, if you are a thirsty traveler along this road of life (aren’t we all) – we invite you with open arms to come to the Well and refresh yourself. Stay for a few minutes or a long time. Share your wisdom (if asked) and feel free to find some nuggets to take back with you on your journey.

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to sign up here to be kept in the loop as the Well grows and shapes itself. Things are happening and we’d love to have you along for the ride.

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